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Tao Tao is a mobile application for controlling Smart Balance scooters directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. This mobile client will be especially useful for users who have just bought such an expensive interesting toy, as well as for children who may find it difficult at first to deal with the management of unusual equipment.

One of the most important features Tao Tao offers is personalization. The user will be prompted to enter their name and generate a password – this will help to avoid the fact that the other person will change something on your phone by breaking the vehicle, and just those cases when friends decided to make a joke by starting to operate the gyro scooter while you were moving On him.

Key features

Functional Tao Tao offers users a lot of different settings, with which you can easily adjust the operation of the gyro scooter, fully customizing it for yourself. To protect themselves from possible injuries, the user can limit the speed. In fact, this setting is not able to really limit the speed, but its activation will contribute to the appearance of a signal indicating that the allowable speed is exceeded due to the carelessness of the user.

In addition, the application is able to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerator, which will allow you to adjust the smoothness of movements and reaction only to confident user movements, as well as adjust responsiveness in corners. For users traveling over long distances, support for maps of the area with accurate location is implemented. True, in this case, accuracy can only be achieved when using maps from Apple, maps for Android are not particularly detailed, and the implementation of Google Maps is still planned.

Special features

Tao Tao is able to configure automatic shutdown of the hoverboard, which will be very useful for forgetful users. The application allows downtime in the range from 10 minutes to two hours. The program can also record travel routes and allows you to “measure” with your friends the distances traveled.

App Features

  • the ability to block access to the application for outsiders;
  • function, notifying of exceeding the permissible (selected by the user) speed;
  • flexible tools that allow you to adjust the responsiveness of technology;
  • built-in maps with location support;
  • the ability to configure auto-shutdown of the hoverboard after a specified period of time.
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