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Termux is an application for Android that emulates terminal in the style of Linux on your phone. It provides a wide range of abilities for advanced users.

Data processing and file management

These are the most common use-cases of Termux. The app allows you to process data using Python programming language. The command line is similar to Linux, so it is convenient for coders and programmers. Furthermore, it can perform as a training spot for people who only start to learn it. 

Also, it can be used for downloading and managing files on your phone. Files can be synchronized and backup can be set up. It’s convenient for experienced users, but if you have never worked with Linux it’s confusing at the beginning and takes some time to understand how the app works. If you need a file management application for your phone and Linux seems too complicated, try Total Commander, which has all the main management features. 

No root access is required

Compared to the vast majority of similar applications, Termux doesn’t need root access to your phone. So it is easy to install and safe to use. All the main features are available without root access, but for some users, it may still be needed.  For example, if you need to modify the device’s firmware or manipulate the settings of the operating system. You can’t perform these without letting the app access the root on your phone. But the application’s main target is non-root users, so you may not worry about this. The experience will be complete anyway.


  • emulates the Linux environment terminal on your phone;
  • you may process data with Python;
  • lets you manage the files in many ways;
  • you can use the app without root access; 
  • helps to learn the command line of Linux;
  • free download for Android.
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