Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco plc
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Android 5.0 and above
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Everyday Advantages

Tesco Clubcard is your personal pass to the world of discounts and various promotions. Make out a special Clubcard and accumulate all kinds of points. It will help you save money and spend it on what you really need. Just scan the barcodes and get points automatically. You can integrate your card into Android Pay and receive additional rewards. Save vouchers and access your personal barcodes. Also available is a personal fingerprint identifier that speeds up the process of unlocking offers. 

Use a virtual club card to accumulate various points and gain an advantage in various purchases. Earn extra money that will bring you the opportunity to make weekly purchases. Now you can buy groceries, movie tickets or any other items at a significant discount. Use a voucher system and simplify your everyday shopping. Buy goods and services using this application and get extra points to save money.

Use Vouchers

This application is ideal for shopping. You can scan QR codes and make purchases in one click. Spend your vouchers and bonus points to save on every purchase. This is a great opportunity to reduce personal expenses and get more shopping opportunities. Every day you can get beneficial benefits using this application. Purchases and other activities count towards the app. You can watch the progress bar online. Each pound spent will give you one point. The more you buy, the more opportunities you will get. Collaborate with friends for new features.

App Features

  • easy points collecting on Android;
  • use rewards & save money online;
  • fast scanning procedure & useful barcodes;
  • full integration with Android Pay in one click;
  • user-friendly interface and points tracking.
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