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Text Baldi

Coon Dexo
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3 Mb
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Android 4.0.3 and above
Text Baldi robotText Baldi robot conversation

Text Baldi is an application in which you can talk with a certain chat bot named Baldi. He knows how to quite “lively” answer your phrases, and also performs several other important functions. For example, Baldi happily solves various mathematical expressions and generally helps the child with learning. Unfortunately, the application is not translated into Russian. So without knowledge of English it will be impossible to use it. From similar solutions, we can advise TextingStory.

This version of Text Baldi is designed for devices based on the Android operating system. You can download and use the program for free. The main limitation in communicating with a virtual character is that the user can send only “prepared” phrases. Baldi is far from being “smart”, like for example Alice’s assistant from Yandex. He does not use neural networks and conducts dialogue according to previously laid schemes. But it’s still funny to talk with bot.


First of all, the chat bot was conceived as a simulator of the interlocutor for children of school and preschool age. Text Baldi conducts a conversation with the child periodically explaining something from the school curriculum. Thus, the child absorbs material much better. As we said earlier, the main drawback of the application is the lack of the Russian language. Also note the very “clumsy” interface and not the most stable program.

App Features

  • can communicate with the user according to predetermined scenarios;
  • offers up to six phrases to choose from;
  • helps children of school and preschool age with homework;
  • It has a very outdated graphical shell;
  • works on relatively old versions of the Android operating system.
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