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TextNow is an application for Android that allows you to communicate with people by texting or calling them for free.

Main functions

First of all, it is worth noticing that this app is available only for people who live in the United States or Canada. It is a common practice for software that is dealing with means of communication. For example, Metro by T Mobile also has the same regional limitations. 

Once you have installed the application and created a new profile, you are provided with a mobile number that you can use from that moment. 

It is possible to make and receive voice calls and send text messages to people from your contact list. 

There are no limits for the number of messages and duration of calls. It is free until your interlocutor is located in another country. In this case, you are required to pay for an international connection. 

Other tools

The app allows you to set a passcode for your messages, so only you have access to them. 

Moreover, there are a lot of customization options you can use. It is possible to choose ringtones and vibration patterns. Also, you can set the background of the interface and attach an individual one to any contact. 

There is an opportunity to add the special widget of the app to the main screen of your device. It allows you to answer messages and make calls faster, as there is no need to open the application itself. 


  • provides you with an opportunity to communicate with people in the US and Canada;
  • international calls available but you have to pay for them;
  • there are no limits for calling and texting if it is in the bounds of the country;
  • you can customize different parameters as ringtone or background;
  • it is possible to add the widget of the app to the main screen;
  • free download for Android.
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