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Android 4.1 and above
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Tik Tok is an Android application that allows you to shoot a music video with your own participation. In fact, we have before us a client of the social network of the same name in which users share created videos. Creating your own video with it is very simple – start by choosing the song that you like. Tik Tok has a huge library of songs sorted by genre and popularity. After choosing nice background music, decide on filters and effects. 

Now it remains only to move beautifully, recording your own clip. Do not get into the beat of the movements of the music? Do not worry, the program will perform the “synchronization” on its own. In addition, she is trained to recognize faces and allows you to make emotions more expressive.

Registration Procedure

The client has one nuance of use that is not available in similar solutions. Here you will be required not only to register, but also to instantly publish the video. It’s impossible to become a member of Tik Tok without adding a video. Therefore, it is better to prepare something creative in advance. It offers a huge library of compositions.

Tik Tok is an application for active and advanced users who follow the fashion trends of the modern world. Relate to creative people? Do you like music and dancing? Would you like to create unique content and share it, gathering your audience? Then this program is for you! Sign up and become popular!

App Features

  • makes it possible to add filters and effects to the video;
  • synchronizes the background music with the user’s movements;
  • allows you to publish your projects and watch strangers;
  • works with all modern versions of the Android operating system;
  • requires you to record and publish a video before registering with the community.
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