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The Timetable is an application for creating a schedule and current grades of students. Register as a student or a teacher and create your own timetable.

Daily Scheduling

Planning is an important aspect of any educational process. Students and teachers should always be aware of current events and navigate the curriculum. This free Android application is suitable for both the blackboard for the university program. Here you can set up a time manager and assist with various parameters. Create a daily class schedule, classroom, and a full work schedule. 

You can synchronize applications with email or spreadsheets to schedule quickly. A special notification system will allow you to keep abreast of future lessons and come to the right audience on time. Customize loops and export data in one click. Here you can interact with the calendar and configure current events.

Create important tasks

Any educational process is closely connected with various homework, tests, and exam papers. You can set daily tasks that will signal you about multiple activities. Divide the list of tasks into a weekly cycle; also, set notes to be in the know when you need to get up to each task. This Android application allows you to configure silent mode and synchronize data for lectures and lessons. 

Now you will always receive a reminder on time and will be able to increase your academic performance at the institute. Teachers will also have many benefits through the use of this offer. In particular, you can track student activity, the current schedule, and the need for additional classes. All this helps to set up the educational process and reduce paperwork.


  • free Android app for making timetables;
  • create a training schedule and indicate the audience;
  • pop-up notifications and silent mode;
  • fast Excel and email synchronization;
  • reminders, notes, and task system.
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