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Todoist is a convenient application that will help you create a to-do list and various reminders on your Android smartphone.

Dodos for every day

Notes, shopping lists, and reminders are very important for everyone. It helps to organize the workspace and gain more freedom for everyday activities. Thanks to this Android application, you no longer need to consider various aspects and keep everything in mind. Now you can plan your day by the hour and organize all the necessary activities and activities. 

Here you can receive quick reminders and pop-up notifications. Complete all the essential tasks that you must complete for the whole day. You can also use specific projects to collaborate with other people or track your tasks. Set any interaction format and enjoy planning your day, regardless of the current situation.

Best notes

Thanks can quickly send reminders for various system activities. Now you do not need to store your records in multiple places on your smartphone. The systematization option for all notes will allow you to simplify working with files and get the best interaction format. Now you can save big to-do lists every day. Now you may be worried that important information will be lost. Keep all your important activities during the day and get results one level higher than in previous activities. Your everyday can be 100% effective if you are developing a detailed strategic plan. Take the first step to your new life and get new opportunities.


  • handy notes for Android smartphones;
  • set free notifications for tasks;
  • shopping lists and step-by-step instructions for each;
  • simple configuration of pop-up notifications;
  • various color themes to choose from.
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