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Good Food for Good Price

Millions of tons of food are discarded weekly as unnecessary. In today’s world, this is an impermissible luxury. Too Good To Go aims to fight food waste. You can purchase delicious food and drinks at a nominal price. This Android application allows you to find the nearest store and receive an order for a nominal cost. Thanks to a network of retail stores, you can buy delicious food and drinks at a low price and deal with food waste. 

Now you can join the community of people who are eager to save food and the environment. Download the offer and use the geolocation mode to find the nearest branch. The application contains a convenient menu with a graphical display of each dish. Get detailed information about the price, composition of the meal, and the nearest department. Now you can join a healthy diet and deal with surplus production.

Don’t Waste Your Time

It is worth noting that the primary purpose of the application is the fight against an overabundance of food and environmental pollution. Now every resident of the UK can participate in this event and buy food and drinks at an affordable price. Society must deal with excessive waste and reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse effects into the atmosphere. 

Thanks to this application, users can significantly save on the purchase of delicacies and save their family budget. The food ordering system is straightforward and intuitive. You need to find the nearest store, choose food online and order it But in one click. After that, you can pick up your order and enjoy the delicacies.

App Features

  • №1 app on Android to fight food waste;
  • simple location system for users;
  • food & drinks from £2 – £4;
  • personal meal wish list for each user;
  • online payment system for UK users.
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