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Android 5.0 and above
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Tophatter is an Android application that allows you to participate in auctions and buy various products. Here you will find clothes, home decoration, jewellery, appliances and electronics. Many things are sold in auction format or as fixed deals. Hourly deals and best price await you. Many auctions start at £1. It is your opportunity to purchase quality and valuable items at an affordable price. Each ad contains a detailed description and several photos. It will help you choose the best deal. Fixed price offers are as entertaining as auctions. Here you can find a product at a symbolic price and save money.

The application contains many categories. Here you will find any product. The main thing is to enter the correct query. All auctions have an expiration date. You can activate a reminder, so you don’t forget to bargain at the end. It helps keep track of many lots at once. Now you do not need to click on the product pages. Just wait for the notice and bargain for the lot. 

Easy to Buy

This application helps users buy what they need. Just one click and you are participating in the auction. Just create an account and link your billing information. After that, you can easily buy goods. Look for the appropriate category to help you find top products. In addition to auctions, you can buy many things at a fixed price. Some products have a significant discount. If you manage to be the first, you will get great things inexpensively.

App Features

  • application with auctions and fixed offers on Android;
  • many products in various categories in one app;
  • reminders that help you to participate in auctions on time;
  • thousands of items starting at £1 to buy;
  • detailed descriptions and many photos of each product.
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