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Ian Hawkins
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Torque Pro is an Android app with the ability to test car malfunctions.

Car testing

Modern cars are equipped with on-board computers that can signal certain malfunctions. to this certain codes are generated which are delivered in encrypted form to the main monitor in the machine.

This application allows you to read codes and convert them into information for a car service point here there are certain widgets that show error codes and the ability to track the current state of the motor and other running gears of the machine.

Main settings

The utility allows you to use a dynamometer and test the torque. The menu contains information on timings and general temperature indicators. You can customize the panels and convert information for transfer to repair shops for free. The system has GPS trackers for setting synchronization with twitter.com. Users can use various thematic dashboards and the ability to configure modes for night driving.

Tools for car repair

Thanks to the quick identification of errors, each car owner can make repairs on their own. To do this, you need to match the cat that corresponds to certain components. Thanks to Bluetooth synchronization, the car timely transmits error reports and after-sales service. This simplifies the overall health monitoring procedure.

It is worth noting that error analysis has a color scheme. Green is responsible for fully functional components; yellow indicates aspects that need to be addressed. The red color indicates that the components are out of order and urgent repair is needed.


  • trouble code conversion application;
  • testing the state of the car and the choice of widgets;
  • conversion of reports for service workshops;
  • free information about supported cars;
  • compatibility with relevant versions of Android.
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