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Translate Platinum is a convenient translator that will help you not to get lost in an unfamiliar country, finding a common language with local residents. If you don’t like the classic Google solution, try Translate Platinum. This translator has a no less rich set of tools, and also supports the function of “smart” writing sentences. Thanks to it, you can get meaningful translations that are not ashamed to use for correspondence with foreign colleagues.

The number of recognized languages exceeds one hundred. The user can combine them in pairs and use the automatic detection tool (if he does not know which language the translation should be from). To get the result, you do not have to enter words in the text box. You can use the built-in camera by scanning a photo, poster or sign of an institution. Do not forget about voice translation. Translate Platinum can read text and translate in real time, keeping up with your interlocutor.


What distinguishes Translate Platinum from the same Google Translator? The latter offers exclusively machine translation, while this option is also able to provide high-quality translation of texts by a person. That is, in fact, the user simply orders this service from the application, and the team of service translators performs the task. Of course, all this is for an additional fee. This is a convenient translator that allows you to get the most accurate meaning of words and phrases.

App Features

  • translation in text and audio format;
  • receiving a translation of a written photograph or a sign on camera pointing;
  • order translation of texts from professional translators;
  • support for more than a hundred different languages;
  • compatible with all current versions of Android.
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