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Communicating with foreigners can be very difficult if you do not know their language. Translate Voice is a great Android application with the option of a voice translator that will help you in any unfamiliar situation.

Freedom of communication

Thanks to an available voice recognition algorithm, this application is for Android devices. It can communicate with you in an unknown language environment. For example, you can pronounce any phrase or sentence with automatic translation into one of the provided language options. 

The application automatically translates everything you say and can reproduce the necessary speech that your interlocutor will understand. It is worth noting that you can choose one of the many options on the menu and count on a comfortable answer.

Easy to use app

It is worth noting that you can pronounce the text out loud or print it manually. The second option is preferable because some languages ​​have different structures. Text recognition format works more correctly and allows you to put punctuation marks in the necessary places. It is especially true if you are trying to translate text from English to Chinese. 

It is worth noting that the absence of dots, commas, or certain accents can dramatically change the essence of the issue. Ultimately, the Chinese do not understand what you want to know. The village application is quite comfortable to use and will not cause you problems with the correct formulation of the question.


  • application for translating text and speech into various languages;
  • free access to a choice of languages for translation;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • voice dubbing of text for foreigners;
  • convenient interface and translation history.
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