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Android 4.2 and above
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Translate is an Android application designed to translate texts from one language to another. The application has only one page, on which there are two fields for entering text. In the first, users can enter the source text, and in the second, a translation appears. In addition, there are two sections where you want to select the original language and translation. The application interface is very simple and convenient, so you can quickly switch to the required language.

There is the ability to dial manually or use voice input, if the smartphone supports a similar function. As soon as the fields are correctly filled in, users just click on the arrow icon. Next, the application will translate the specified text in seconds. Now you can quickly translate texts and receive detailed transcription. Save the finished result and add it to other applications.

Advertising and reviews

The application is quite intrusive advertising content. Full-screen banners appear with almost any activity. Some of them can be closed immediately, but it may take time to deactivate others. Many users are unhappy with the application and respond about it in a negative way. In most cases, this is directly related to intrusive advertising. Users claim that the network has many advanced translators that you can use for free and without viewing advertising content.

App Features

  • the application is a fairly simple text translator;
  • it is possible to choose one of the 60 proposed languages, including Russian and Ukrainian;
  • there is a fairly intrusive advertising content;
  • for communication with developers, a separate button is provided, which transfers to one of the installed email clients;
  • the application is downloaded and used for free.
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