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Triller is an application for Android that allows you to watch and film short videos. Users can publish the clips and share the bright moments of their lives.


The app has a large community of people who enjoy watching and creating short content. You can publish videos and subscribe to other users. Along with it, you can explore countless clips, most of which are humorous. If you find something you like, it’s possible to start following the author and get updates on his actions. 

The main page shows recommendations and popular content. There is a search box that allows you to quickly find videos or video producers.

The application is very similar to TikTok, which is extremely popular now, and shares all the basic features with it.


To subscribe to other accounts and publish your own videos, you must first create an account. You can enter your e-mail address or mobile number.

Then users can tap the plus icon and start filming videos. Be advised, that before it you have to give the application access to the mobile camera. Note that the length of the video cannot exceed one minute.

Prior to the moment of the recording starts, it’s possible to choose a filter from the local library or set the timer for your clip. There are also effects that can transform the user's face.

After creating videos, you can add music, additional effects, text and stickers. You can adjust the video to remove unnecessary parts. Then you can publish the finished work and save it on your mobile device.


  • you can watch short videos and find interesting content;
  • it allows you to publish your own clips;
  • there is an editor with different filters and effects;
  • you can follow interesting users;
  • free download for Android.
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