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Android 5.0
Triplens ProductTriplens Text mode

Triplens is an Android application that allows you to analyze text on photos and products to recognize their name and type.

How does it work?

Make a shot to identify anything. Then, activate the camera and analyze any object in the frame. You can select the indicated languages and get a full description of the product. 
It is worth noting that the service recognizes many objects like documents, road signs, or even the streets’ names. Scan everything you have at hand. It will help you learn more words from all the objects around you and learn a foreign language.

The application can work on the principle of Google translate. You need to bring the activated camera to any text to get a translation. Its quality does not always fine. But you can find out the approximate meaning of the words. You can use the flash if the application does not have enough light to analyze text or an object.

Basic options

The basic functionality of the application is available for free.
Users can take advantage of a three-day free trial period for paid options. The free version is limited to one word translation per day. Application results are not always correct. Sometimes it translates words in random order or takes completely different ones.

The utility also contains intrusive ads. It can only be disabled by purchasing the paid version. It is worth noting that the utility connects to the server for instant translation. The translator’s performance is not guaranteed for users without an Internet connection.


  • utility for scanning and translating texts;
  • recognition of objects to study their name;
  • the app is available free for all users;
  • a lot of advertising content;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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