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Tubi TV
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14 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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Tubi TV is an application for watching movies, TV shows, and television channels. There is a lot of content from around the world that will allow you to keep abreast of modern cinema. Connect to the menu and select any genre to view. There are many science fiction films, comedies, action films, and even an art-house. Thousands of videos, live streaming, and the best Dramatic content available to you for free. 

It is worth noting that the application has a convenient interface due to which you can quickly find the desired movie. Use covers, search engines, or categories. You can familiarize yourself with a brief description of the film, enable subtitles or share content on social networks. You can also broadcast the picture to your TV and watch the video on the big screen. Every day the application is updated with new content that will allow you to see the latest cinema.

Excellent Android TV App

The main advantage of this proposal is the lack of buffering, a vast library of films and TV shows. Here you can find what you have been looking for so long. Download content, browse it online, and share interesting links with your friends. This application will allow you to relax and discover the world of cinema. Every day you can find new films that will delight you with acting and dramatic storylines. Choose any content and watch it for free. The application designed for those people who want to get positive emotions and first-class access to video content.

App Features

  • application for viewing video content on Android;
  • convenient interface and category system;
  • connect to live broadcasts of TV channels;
  • new content every day;
  • subtitle system and detailed video description.
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