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Android 5.0 and above
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Tumblr is an application for creative people who can find freedom of expression here. The Android application works in the format of social networks with the ability to publish photos of various animated videos, texts and audio recordings. You can create various stickers and interesting graphic content to share with friends. You can choose topics that interest you and read various publications on the social network. Create personalized cheats and chat with friends and new people to get to know each other. 

Everyone can create a blog here and communicate on an interesting topic. It is worth noting that here you will find many original publications from people of art and science. Keep track of what you are interested in and discover new content. A private message can be sent along with pictures, emoticons and various animated videos. You can personalize your account to make it more interesting for other subscribers.

Great Social App

This application will certainly appeal to creative people who love the freedom of expression, graphic content and the opportunity to have a good time. Here you will find many funny photos, videos and animations. Enjoy the opportunity to chat and meet new people. This application will allow you to expand your horizons and find a lot of new and interesting information. It is worth noting that here you can find friends and chat without restrictions. Express your thoughts on your own blog so that other people can read your posts. Create original content and it will definitely be canceled by the huge online community.

App Features

  • the Android application for online communication and content;
  • read blogs, watch videos and chat with friends;
  • personalize your blog and create graphic content;
  • share news with a community of like-minded people;
  • choose interesting tags to track information.
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