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TV TAP is an application for Android that gives you access to the library of free channels that are available for streaming on your phone.

The available content 

With this app, you can watch TV channels from different countries via your internet connection. There are no regional limitations and it is possible to use it from any place in the world. 

All the channels are divided into multiple categories such as Entertainment, Movies, Music, Sports, News, and so on. You can choose the one you are interested in the most and explore it. 

Moreover, there is the ability to browse the list of countries available, mostly European, and pick some of them. That allows seeing only channels of certain origins. 

Once you have found something you would like to watch, you can start streaming straight away. During the process, it is possible to see related channels and add the one that is playing now to the list of favorites.  

The functionality of this app reminds of fuboTV but you can not watch videos on demand here and record content and save it for later. 


There is the ability to change certain parameters of the application to make it work in a more convenient way. 

For example, you can control how internet traffic is used and forbid to play videos if there is no WiFi connection available at the moment. 

It is also possible to change a player that is used for streaming and switch between several antennas. 


  • you can watch a lot of different TV channels on the screen of your phone;
  • allows you to choose between multiple countries and categories;
  • it is possible to add channels to the favorites and find related ones;
  • you can switch between different players and antennas;
  • free download for Android.
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