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Uber Technologies, Inc.
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Sometimes an ordinary taxi cannot satisfy the needs of a group of friends. If you want to travel around the city or between different settlements, then Uber Shuttle will come in handy. It is an excellent application for ordering a minibus. 

How to order a bus?

To travel by a comfortable bus, I need to perform complex actions. First of all, download the application and select the route that interests you. Thanks to your location, the program will quickly find the best way and bus for you. This Android application uses online navigation and helps you mark a landing place in the city. 

Use the unique tag with your driver’s avatar to find the bus. After you reach the principal place, you can go for a walk or explore exciting sights. The service also includes the ability to evaluate the driver on a five-point scale and write a detailed review. It is worth noting that the receipt of payment sent to the user’s email.

Better than a city bus

The application allows you to get more comfortable than when traveling by public transport. First of all, you can plan your travel date and route. You can also focus solely on your needs and not combine the schedule with other people. It is a great option to see all the attractions in the city and not to miss exciting features. Study architecture, travel, and enjoy comfortable buses.

A distinctive feature of the application is the ability to choose a driver, and that matches your preferences. Read user reviews and choose the most reliable professional.


  • free Android application for ordering a minibus;
  • use the online map to search for a driver;
  • plan trips and choose the cheapest option;
  • rating system for drivers;
  • sending checks on email.
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