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UCare Health is an application that allows you to track your physical activity and call emergency rescue services in case of certain unforeseen situations.

Take care of yourself

Everyone worries about their health and wants to be safe. The Android app allows you to use various discrete gadgets to track your fitness and changes in your health status. For example, you can track the amount of time passed, your cardiogram, and other parameters. The system can automatically send an SOS signal to call an ambulance if you feel unwell. You can also monitor your current health status and receive detailed reports to consult a doctor. 

This application will help both athletes and the elderly who are extremely concerned about their health. Note that the application automatically tracks all your changes in terms of health indicators. You can not only call an ambulance during the time, but it will monitor your activity to improve your fitness load.

Reasons to use it

It is worth noting that this application is the key to your security and helps you stay active at all times. You can not only track all your health indications but also send an electrocardiogram to your doctor. Measure your heartbeat and other parameters to get detailed statistics and report it to your doctor on time. Now, you can use all the emergency options so that your family knows about your whereabouts. Security is the key to longevity, and this application will help you avoid unpleasant situations when you physically cannot call for help.


  • application for tracking steps and physical activity;
  • free synchronization with discrete gadgets;
  • automatic SOS call in case of a deterioration of health;
  • motivation system for physical activity;
  • compatible with most Android versions and detailed statistics.
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