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Ultra Lock

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7 Мб
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Android 4.1 and above
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Ultra Lock is a protective Android application that will allow you to block the application and content from third parties. Many people face a privacy issue when someone can take a smartphone and find personal information. For example, you have banking applications on your smartphone. Here is the information about your accounts and other activities. This is the best option at the moment that allows you to quickly and reliably block various activities on your smartphone without your knowledge.

Using this application, you can set a graphic password that will block access to certain programs. It is very convenient since you can prohibit the use of your smartphone without your knowledge. You can also restrict access to photos, videos, and another file. It is a great opportunity to make your phone more reliable.

Protect All Apps

Now no one will be able to access your application and data without your consent. You can leave the phone on the table during parties and not be afraid that someone will steal your data. It is also a great option to restrict friends from searching for unsuccessful selfies or strange videos with your participation. You can store various funny pictures and videos and not be afraid that friends will laugh at you. Keep any content, and stay safe. This simple offer has a reliable security algorithm with a graphic password and other options that are very important in everyday life. You can completely protect all the data and get more reliable options for using the program.

App Features

  • application for blocking programs on Android;
  • quick graphic password entry;
  • setting access to applications, photos and videos;
  • privacy and data protection;
  • quick access to your content.
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