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2,77 Mb
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1.1.5 Winter
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Android 4.0.3
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UniReminders is an Android app that helps you create a convenient reminder on your smartphone. Now you will not miss an important event.

Fast reminder

Many people forget about important events during the day. It can adversely affect workday productivity and lead to unpleasant consequences. This android application will allow you to make a task list with nice reminders that will help you not to forget about everyday activities. 

Create separate recordings with sound notifications at specific times. Write down a list of tasks to be done thanks to a convenient and straightforward interface. You can also change color themes to save battery power and increase reading comfort. Here you can select any date or time to trigger a reminder. Choose to cancel or delete the reminder if this is no longer relevant to you.

Wright down any note

Now you will not forget more than one reminder because the convenient interface will allow you to navigate and add new notes quickly. Now your smartphone can become a real organizer of a business consultant. Receive a new message and cancel notifications to keep abreast of all the latest developments.

In general, this application will offer you a convenient interface and a basic set of free features that will help you organize your workday. The app takes up little space on the smartphone and does not require any hidden fees. You can freely use the menu and all functions. Display all these headings of events that are important to you and receive notifications in time.


  • free reminders for various activities;
  • user-friendly interface and two-color themes;
  • voice memos and quick edit option;
  • compatible with Android tablets and smartphones;
  • compiling a chronological order and canceling reminders.
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