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10 Mb
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Android 5.0 and above
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µTorrent is an Android application that allows you to download torrent files from the Internet and download certain distributions on sites. Thanks to this application, you can organize your downloads by transferring files and other data. You can save settings, discover new possibilities, and share videos and music. A fast communication setup format allows you to organize all the nuances and save content to your smartphone. 

Now no one can prevent you from downloading music, files, and games from the Internet. The application has a simple interface that has a lot in common with the desktop version. You can manage the same activities and settings as their full version of the program. You can also upgrade the program to a professional version and buy a paid subscription. The program allows you to quickly download any torrent files and activate them on your smartphone.

Start Torrenting

Thanks to this application, you can use torrent trackers on your smartphone. All you need to do is install the program and connect to any torenttreker.ru. Then you can upload or download information without restrictions. For example, you can access various files, programs, and games, and applications. Download and install any software in a few clicks. Thanks to the torrent system, you can get fast download speed and user-friendly interface. The program allows you to organize many downloads and manage file storage as intuitively as possible.

App Features

  • application for downloading torrent files on Android;
  • convenient interface and download settings;
  • manage music and videos in one click;
  • section with downloads and data sending;
  • saving content from any sources.
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