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Video Crop is a handy video editor that allows you to trim your video for Instagram and other social networks.

Edit your video

Many users create video content for subsequent downloading of social networks. It can be travel videos, specific instructions, or tips. Regardless of the subject matter of your video, you still need to make preliminary preparations. For example, Instagram and other social networks have a specific format for content. 

For example, you have to create a square video that will be fully displayed on many android-smartphones. That is why you will need this application. The application contains many new fragments and the ability to edit files in a few clicks. It allows you to choose the most exciting format of work and get the desired result in a few clicks. It is a convenient application that will save you from all the everyday problems with video editing.

Crop & Trim video

Thus, you can process the video and trim extra fragments. Select the format and duration of the video to save it on the menu. You can also delete unwanted parts of the video or select a specific size to create the perfect frame. For example, you want to open some aspects of a video. Select a lens and remove unnecessary points. 

It is worth noting that the application has a built-in interface with various options for video. It will help you prepare the necessary format for social networks and choose the best option. You can also get additional features when configuring certain filters. Make those parameters that are interesting to you and enjoy the finished result.


  • free video editing application;
  • use the video cropping and format changing options;
  • quick editing with a preview option;
  • save files on your smartphone and add to social networks;
  • works without an internet connection.
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