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VidStatus is the largest social app for residents of India. Here you can upload various exciting videos with your work and notify other people about your status. Create impressive videos and download them for free. Here you can realize your creative inclinations and get the opportunity to publish an exciting video. It is worth noting that you can also get a full-fledged video editing tool and post them to WhatsApp. 

The application allows you to download exciting content and gain popularity among many users quickly. It is worth noting that the app has all the necessary nuances so that you receive maximum pleasure. A convenient ribbon menu allows you to find much interesting content. You can also create your videos and publish them instantly. Use the built-in filters to edit the video and add various background settings.

Create Your Status

The application is perfect for those residents of India who want to tell everyone about their status. Don’t be afraid to post an interesting video. Spend your creativity, and people will appreciate your creativity. Here you get complete freedom of action, and you can create content that will appeal to millions of people in your country. Add attractive stickers, hashtags, and additional animation. Here the rating system, points, and other nuances are available for you. You can also edit the profile and add photos so that other users can recognize you among other people with the same surnames.

App Features

  • the best video publishing app for India
  • the convenient interface on Android;
  • edit the video and publish it online;
  • news feed and most popular content;
  • system of notifications of current changes.
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