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Android 4.1
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VIPole is an Android application with the ability to secure access to chats and calls.

Use process

The utility works as a messenger with encryption and proxy protocols. Users can exchange text messages, make calls and arrange video conferences. Voice messages can be attached to the chat. You need to click on the microphone icon and record the necessary message.

Text chat supports files and pictures. You can also arrange for free video conferences with several people at once. All camera icons are made in one tiled interface. You can also change your voice for outgoing calls. To do this, activate the appropriate option before calling.

Additional options

Individual chats can be hidden from the general correspondence. You can also delete messages when someone is offline. Users can call anyone for free. To contact the phone numbers of your country or any other, you need to replenish the account. Mobile device users can work together in a single chat, attaching files and project documentation.

Some contacts can be hidden and made confidential. Also, users can synchronize with the address book. The utility allows you to store notes and passwords for quick access. Users can open the calendar and add new marks.

A single chat has all correspondence with the ability to archive and delete the history. The utility does not contain advertising and paid functions except calls to real numbers.


  • application for communication in encrypted chat rooms;
  • audio calls and video conferences with friends;
  • the ability to attach files and images in correspondence;
  • you can download the utility for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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