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Android 5.0
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VirtualXposed is an Android application that helps to create a virtual environment on a smartphone without root rights. The utility is available for use with no bootloader to unlock the system.

Modules & frameworks

This application allows you to work with the framework for creating modules. Each user can upgrade the data system and create new software versions. The main thing is that this utility works without root privileges. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust various software settings without using superuser access. 

You can also install various OTA updates to connect to a smartphone’s system. The utility will be interesting for app developers who need an environment for testing multiple nuances and creating new software systems.

The usage format

A virtual environment allows you to use Xposed modules to deploy software and test various parameters. The system has settings with activation of modules and management of third-party utilities. 

The point here is the ability to install additional files that are integrated into the network code. In general, the program simplifies development and allows you to deploy new modules for analysis and troubleshooting.

It is worth noting that the utility is free. Each user can test the functionality and activate any system settings. Thanks to a convenient bootloader, each programmer can add their modules and synchronize them with a shared work environment. It allows you to automate workflows.


  • an app for generating a virtual environment for developers;
  • ability to control Xposed modules;
  • the application allows you to test software versions without root rights;
  • each user can download this app for free;
  • compatible with compliant versions of Android.
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