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Android 5.0
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VivaCut is a convenient video editor, thanks to which you can edit all your videos on your Android device. Choose any filter, setting, or patterns for color correction.

Montage video in one click

Every novice blogger or video enthusiast knows how difficult it is to edit all the footage. It takes considerable time and effort. Also, do not forget this nuance that you need a convenient video editor on your laptop or desktop computer. But what if you have only an Android smartphone or tablet on hand? Then you should use this video editor. 

User-friendly interface and optimization will allow you to process several videos at the same time adding various effects and soundtracks. Here you can add emoticons, Emoji, and additional graphic elements that will improve your video. Mount and spectacular transitions between frames and add various visual filters. It will allow you to create a full-fledged video clip that you and your friends will like.

Effects, filters and advanced settings

Thanks to the variety of settings, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your video. You can add various effects to improve sampling and frame rate. Adjust brightness, contrast, and perform necessary color correction, regardless of the version of your smartphone. Here you can count on fast video stream processing and optimization for weak devices. 
It will allow you to count on high-quality and exciting videos with chromakey and free graphic effects. The video editor will enable you to use cinematic transitions and high-quality mount videos for publication on social networks.


  • edit video using an Android smartphone;
  • free access to filters, chromakey, and correction of formats;
  • add music and voiceover in one click;
  • spectacular gluing and transitions between scenes;
  • conversion to various video formats.
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