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Android 5.0
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VOCHI is a special effects video player for android devices. Here you can edit your photos and videos in a few clicks.

Perfect content

Every photographer or editor knows how difficult it is to create perfect shots. Thanks to this Android application, you can create real masterpieces with just a few clicks. Select a single segment of a video or photo, add an object, and apply various effects. Here you can edit your content using unique technology based on artificial intelligence. 

Select the areas that should be edited and save the finished result. Thanks to the perfect algorithm for creating effects, you get authoring content that your friends and relatives will like. Experiment and you can achieve incredible video and photo quality using this application.

Edit like a pro

It is worth noting that the application has a stylish interface and the ability to edit any frame of your video quickly. You can select various objects or people to save effects and apply additional options. Now you can see how real masterpieces are created with a few clicks. Add text, develop a background, or highlight objects with separate elements. All this will allow you to create real masterpieces using your Android smartphone.

You are guaranteed to receive positive feedback from friends and the opportunity to pay more attention to other aspects. Add some final touches and save the finished result to your smartphone. You will be surprised at the ultimate effect of your video.


  • photo and video editing application for Android;
  • free access to the essential functions of the editor;
  • customize video effects in one click;
  • quality improvement system based on artificial intelligence;
  • save content in a few clicks on your smartphone.
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