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Voice Changer

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Android 4.4
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Voice Changer is an entertaining application that will help you parody the voices of celebrities and replace your face with an avatar on a video.

Funny Animoji

This Android application provides you lots of entertainment. First of all, you can use unique emoticons and 3D celebrity’s avatars that you can share with friends on social networks. Direct integration with instant messengers will allow you to send various pictures to friends and improve their mood easily. You can also parody famous actors or characters in films. Use your selfie camera and augmented reality technology. 

The application contains a lot of funny avatars like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, superheroes, and various movie characters. In addition to visual changes, you will be able to module voice bed. Add automatic conversions to speak with the voice of a celebrity. It is a great video recording app. You can publish the finished result on YouTube, Instagram, or various social networks. All this will help you increase the audience of your subscribers and enjoy viewing.

Live Photos & Voice Changer

You can create live photos and share them with friends. Also, at your disposal, there are a vast number of celebrity votes to simulate. The application contains ready-made settings that change the tone and tone of your voice to support celebrities. Thanks to this, you can create various practical jokes and have fun with your friends. Select one of the avatars and record a video of congratulations to your friend. This application allows you to activate additional functions on your Android smartphone and create an atmosphere of fun.


  • emoticon and video sharing application;
  • use AR avatars and talk like celebrities;
  • some functions and voice changer are available for free;
  • support for current versions of Android;
  • quickly switch between templates and settings.
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