Voice changer

Voice changer

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10 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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Voice changer is an entertaining Android application that helps you record audio and process it using various voice effects. Thanks to this application you can sound like Darth Vader, a robot from a parallel universe or a maniac killer. Turn on the cathedral effect, speak like an alien or a cyborg. Various settings and options for experimentation are available here. 

Thanks to this interface, you can easily play your friends, create an original sound track and enjoy the result. It is worth noting that you can share the finished result of social networks with your friends. Just send them an audio message and they will appreciate your creativity. It is worth noting that the audio recordings are formed in high quality. Find on an intuitive menu the application allows you to quickly switch between different settings, activate interesting effects and enjoy the result without any restrictions.

Have Fun

This is a very fun and entertaining application that allows you to save ready-made audio recordings so that you can listen to them later or set as a ringtone. You can also set the finished audio recording as the notification sound or create an image with sound. This is a great option to share great content on Facebook and surprise your friends. In general, the application has all the necessary settings so you can enjoy multifunctional effects. Each voice effect was created by professionals in the field of recording, so you can count on exceptional quality and ease of use.

App Features

  • the Android application with voice effects;
  • change the tone, effect or format of the voice;
  • share audio with friends on social networks;
  • fast voice processing and the ability to switch;
  • add audio as a ringtone on your smartphone.
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