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Voice Effects

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Voice Effects is an application for changing voices and making entries for pranking friends.

How to change the voice?

The utility works on the principle of voice processing using various objects. Each user can choose a mode of operation in real time and post-processing. This means that you can communicate with friends on the phone in real time and they will hear the processed voice. 
It is also possible to pre-record the voice and process it using the utility. The application contains a set of presets with popular voices of the characters of films, cartoons and various TV shows.

In order to record with an interesting voice, you need to click on the start icon and continue talking. You can speak any text and stop recording after you get tired. the program will automatically process the voice and allow you to save the option for prank friends.

App options

This utility contains a set of the most popular phrases of various characters that you can use in real time to record audio recordings. You can also select settings for saving sounds and duplicate tracks in order to compare the finished result and the version without processing. This is a good option for those who want to see the difference and the quality of voice simulation.

The only drawback of the utility is the excessive amount of advertising. However, this is a small fee for using a large library to modulate voice. Developers regularly supplement new voices for those who want to have fun and create recordings with interesting voices.


  • application for creating voice effects;
  • character selection for voice modulation;
  • the utility supports online operation;
  • all options are available for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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