Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV

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Android 4.1 and above
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Volume Booster GOODEV is a convenient application that blocks access to the system settings of your speaker on a smartphone or tablet. The main goal of this application is to increase the volume and frequency range. Many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in software limit the volume of speakers to create competitive prices and assortment. Thanks to this program, you can remove this restriction and listen to music without borders. 

Enjoy a high volume of audio, calls, and system sounds. Here you can get a spectacular result of volume enhancement up to 35%. In general, this application is suitable for all lovers of system settings and manual parameters. You can significantly improve the range of your smartphone and amplify all audio signals. Now you can achieve a real disco and spectacular music playback.

Boost Your Phone

It is worth noting that the application can increase the volume of the boundary value of your speakers. That is why you are limited exclusively to the model of your manufacturer. Nevertheless, you can count on a significant increase in volume and comfortable operation of your smartphone even in urban traffic conditions. Now you always hear the ringtone, and you can answer the incoming call of your friends and relatives. 

You can also listen to music without limits and enjoy the volume. It is a nice application that will simplify your daily user experience. Configure your smartphone in a few clicks and save the settings in the application menu. It will help you automatically increase the volume whenever you turn on the application.

App Features

  • android application to enhance sound;
  • quick setup and simple interface;
  • compatibility with older versions of the operating system;
  • analysis and increase in volume up to 35%;
  • setting the frequency range in a few clicks.
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