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2,5 Mb
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Android 4.0
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VPN Easy is a VPN service on Android that connects to secure servers and quickly bypasses blocking regional providers.

Main functions

The utility allows you to connect to various servers in Europe, Asia, and America. It will enable you to make the application work correctly. The app is used for free so that you can connect to any of the available services.

Technically, you are using a remote server that hides your IP address. Your provider cannot track your location. That is why every user gets access to any Internet service that is blocked by default in his or her country. 

Naturally, a similar format to Internet access can slow down the connection speed. Nevertheless, this is sufficient to use various services and watch videos on websites. The utility also allows you to restore the services on your smartphone and tablet if regional providers blocked them.

How to bypass blockings?

To connect to the internet, users must select one of the available servers. Next, click on the center button on the main screen. It will automatically start the VPN protocol, and each user will be able to get anonymous access to sites. It is worth noting that this is also a way of protection against unauthorized access to any device. 

In areas with public Wi-Fi coverage, you do not risk that someone can connect to your smartphone. Technically, your IP address will be in a different place and possibly on another continent. That is why attackers can't access the current address but only see a fake one.


  • an app for connecting to VPN servers;
  • the ability to bypass provider locks;
  • anyone can use an encrypted connection for free;
  • unlock any application on your smartphone;
  • the utility is compatible with compliant versions of Android.
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