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Brenn Fricano
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Android 4.2
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Water Remind is an application for Android that notifies you when it is time to drink. 

How to start 

When you launch the app for the first time after the install, you are required to enter the essential information about your self.  You have to pick your sex, state the date of birth, height, and body weight. 

All this data is needed to calculate the proper level of hydration that is suitable for you.

Once you have created your profile you are taken to the main screen, where you can see statistics on your water consumption and benchmarks you have to achieve today. 

You can click the plus button and add one, one and a half or two cups after the drink. The application calculates it automatically and changes statistics. 

If you have drunk enough for today you see that the bar in the right corner of the screen has achieved 100%. This means that you have a sufficient amount of water in your body, but if you want more it doesn’t limit you. 

It works similarly to other software that keeps your healthy like Step Tracker, for example. 


There are multiple options that you can make use of. It is possible to set the water clock and you will be reminded that you should drink at the moment. 

Also, it is possible to change gender, height and weight that you entered in the beginning. It can be helpful if you have made a mistake or something has changed. 

Moreover, you can set the target amount of water you want to drink every day and the app will proceed accordingly.


  • helps you to drink a proper amount of water every day;
  • you can enter the essential information about your self to get accurate recommendations;
  • it's possible to set up notifications;
  • you are allowed to set personal goals;
  • free download for Android.
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