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Android 4.1
Waze Map
Waze Navigation

Waze is an online navigator for Android with the ability to create a detailed trip route.

Location display

The utility contains a detailed mapping service. Here you can find any city in Hungary and get directions. The menu displays houses, streets and the current speed of the car. This will keep within the permitted pace of the ride. Separate routes are saved in the menu for quick access in the future.

The main feature of the utility is the display of various events on the map. The driver sees all traffic jams, accidents, blocked roads, police patrols and other information. Data is indicated by other road users and moderators.

Change of route

The menu displays possible route options and options for detour. The application shows potential time savings if you turn into another lane and go around the traffic jam. Notices of police cameras or patrols allow drivers to return to normal speed mode and not receive a fine.

Parking and car connection

A trip to an unknown city causes a lot of problems in terms of finding places to stop. In the menu you can track available parking lots and get directions. The application is very convenient for choosing the right route with minimal traffic jams.

Owners of cars with Android Auto can duplicate information about the state of roads and a map on the on-board computer screen. Here you can track alternative routes and switch navigation more comfortably. It is very convenient for everyday use.


  • application for car navigation;
  • search for the best route with the arrival time display;
  • definition of free parking free;
  • event system with the display of objects on the map;
  • the application is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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