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Wearfit is an application for reading data about the state of your body from smart watches and bracelets. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, then you will certainly appreciate the capabilities of the Wearfit client for Android. In addition, the application will help people suffering from arrhythmia, hypertension, dehydration and other ailments.

After synchronization with the application, Wearfit smart watches will transmit to the user various indicators related to his (or her) health. Thanks to this, you will notice a deviation from the norm in time and think about the need for a visit to the doctor. In addition, Wearfit is able to work as a reminder related to social activity. But first things first.

While you are doing morning warm-up, went for an evening run or just lie at home on the couch, a smart watch captures the state of your body and sends the collected indicators to the Android application.
Among such data, the number of steps taken, the duration and quality of sleep, blood pressure, pulse and other indicators. Regarding the social aspect, Wearfit will send alerts about incoming messages, talk about missed calls, and also remind you of important tasks.


This solution will be relevant for users who are worried about their health. In order to regularly monitor your physical condition, it is not necessary to visit a doctor every week. Just buy smart parts or a bracelet, and also install the Wearfit app on your smartphone. There is nothing complicated in setting up the latter. The application is fully translated into Russian and supports automatic synchronization with a wearable gadget.

Key Features

  • reads data on the user's physical condition from the bracelet and smart watch;
  • reminds you of important events and missed notifications
  • displays information in the form of graphs and tables;
  • helps to monitor health, timely noticing the appearance of problems;
  • works on all modern versions of the Android operating system.
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