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Weather Kitty

Weather Creative Inc.
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Android 4.4 and above
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Weather Kitty is an original application that allows you to find out the weather forecast. The main feature of this application is its style. Here you will find many cute kittens that are located on each page to please you. You can also switch between different topics and find out the weather forecast. The application supports local weather forecasts and a detailed report for ten days in advance. It will allow you to find out the complete weather and choose the right wardrobe. 

It is worth noting that the application displays temperature conditions, rain, and possible precipitation. You can view animations for a specific area or region. Find out the local weather or the report for a particular country in a few clicks. Here you can find out a lot of points about the warm or lunar phase index. More than ten parameters are available here, each of which will allow you to analyze the weather in detail. Cute kittens will complement the informative interface and will enable you to relax every time you launch the application.

Cats Forecast

Thanks to the photos of kittens, this application becomes cute and enjoyable for each user. This application is suitable for your children, acquaintances, and everyone crazy about kittens. The stylish interface filled with detailed data that is collected using the analysis of meteorological stations. Thanks to this, you get the most detailed Forecast that meets the international standard. Convenient interface and the ability to create a particular widget will allow you to track in detail the weather changes for the next day or week.

App Features

  • detailed weather forecast for Android;
  • animated cyclone and precipitation movement;
  • more than ten indicators and display of precipitation;
  • 500+ cat photos for the menu;
  • a selection of notifications and a convenient weather widget.
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