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WetterOnline GmbH
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Weather & Radar Radar
Weather & Radar Weather

Weather & Radar is an Android application with detailed weather forecasts and viewing cyclones in real time.

Weather reports

This application allows you to track the weather forecast for 14 days in advance. The main menu contains a window for choosing a city, current temperature, humidity and wind strength. Meteorological changes are displayed hourly with indicators of rain, hail and other phenomena.

A special weather radar displays the current situation in the city or the whole region. The main convenience is the ability to compare daily reports.

Widgets on screen

Users can customize weather widgets to display the current temperature of air and water in the sea. The indicator does not overlap other icons on the desktop and can be moved to any part of the display. Notifications consume a minimum amount of Internet traffic.

The widget itself has static information and a notification mode with changes in weather conditions and precipitation. This helps in time to take an umbrella for a walk or dress warmer with lower temperatures.

A widget alerts you when a thunderstorm, storm, or hurricane is approaching. Users can take shelter in buildings in time to protect them from the weather. The basic version of the application is available for free. The premium package disables advertising and makes it possible to modify the menu with weather forecasts.


  • a weather widget that displays temperature and humidity for free;
  • two-week detailed forecast and hourly rainfall tracking;
  • the ability to activate the widget on the main screen;
  • weather radar with the display of cyclones around the world;
  • full application compatibility with current versions of Android.
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