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WEBTOON is a service that provides free access to a massive number of exciting copyright works. Here you can read original novels, action, fantasy, and other genres.

How to use it?

This Android application is positioned as a new way to transfer original copyright content. Here you can familiarize yourself with the best creations of various authors who do not switch between genres. Read exciting stories and novels, short stories, and absolutely any genres. Here you can select daily categories to enjoy. The application can be interesting both as a content author and ordinary users. You can sort stories by category and title, and enjoy different genres. 

The main advantage of this application is that all young authors can express their emotions and convey the best masterpieces of their genre to all users. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to pay for the default content. You can only support individual authors if you consider their work worthy of attention. Such a business model is very convenient because it allows many beginning authors to earn money. And you can read content for free.

A fresh look at all genres

Thanks to the new number of authors and the ability to conveniently read everything you like, this application for Android devices is the best in its genre. Now you do not need to search separately for the stories of little-known authors all over the Internet. 

With this application, you can easily find a new Favorite in a particular genre and enjoy first-class reading. Choose any books that you can read anywhere. There are also many short stories that intrigue even experienced readers.


  • application with stories in various genres;
  • daily adding content to various categories;
  • a rating system, filters, and convenient reading mode;
  • compatibility with current Android versions;
  • the ability to support authors or read for free.
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