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WeChat is an application for Android that lets you exchange messages with other peoples and make use of multiple social tools. 


This app is available all over the world, however, the vast majority of its users are from China, as it is the most popular messenger there.

To create a profile you are supposed to enter your mobile number and personal information. But you are not able to complete the registration until another person who is already a user helps you with it. He or she has to scan the QR code that the application has assigned to you. 

Once your identity is confirmed, you can start using the app without any limitations. 


There are all the basic features of messengers available. You can send text, video, and voice messages along with images and documents.

Moreover, you can use video or audio calls to reach people using your internet connection. It is convenient in case your mobile plan is expensive or you are calling someone abroad. 

The application allows you to contact any user whose number you have on your mobile phone. 

You can not only chat with individuals but participate in group chats or encounter official pages of different companies. There is even a special application for business developed by the creators of Wechat that is called WeCom.

It is worth mentioning that this app is used not only for communication but for playing games, paying money, and other activities. 


  • allows  to communicate with other people;
  • you can exchange different files and send text, voice, and video messages;
  • it is possible to call via your internet connection;
  • there is the ability to create and join groups with other users;
  • free download for Android.
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