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WeCom is an application for Android that allows you to improve the working processes or communication with customers of your business. It is developed by the creators of WeChat that is the most popular messenger in China, so it has in some way similar interface and functionality 


There is the ability to create a team and add all of your colleagues there using their mobile numbers. Everybody must have the app installed to join the group. It is possible to invite up to 300 people. 

You can use a lot of useful tools. For example, it is possible to plan meetings and notify everyone about it and any changes in the schedule.

There is also the ability to create video and audio conference calls with colleges that can substitute meetings in real life. 

Furthermore, you can share files with other users and create online storage that is accessible by certain colleagues. This allows employees to always have access to important documents and update them rapidly. 

Customer service 

The app also provides you with the opportunity to chat with clients of your business, keep them informed, and get the feedback. 

It is possible to create multiple groups that unite certain categories of customers or contact someone individually. You only have to know their mobile numbers and all communication goes through their WeChat profiles so there is no need to install any additional application for them.


  • created by the developers of WeChat and have a similar interface; 
  • lets you create a team and invite your colleagues;
  • you can manage the working process and participate in conference calls with other users;
  • it is possible to communicate with customers of your company;
  • free download for Android.
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