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Wego is an Android application that allows you to buy airline tickets and hotels in any country. Use the data aggregator to search for berets and hotels at any time of the day.

Plan your trip

Many people like to travel around the world. It is a way to see the best sights and meet incredible people. Nevertheless, a long journey requires prior planning. For example, you need to buy airline tickets and book a hotel or individual apartments. All this is difficult to do without searching for a different site. Now you do not have to register on hundreds of websites and look for a separate offer online. 

This application for Android smartphones and tablets will help you access more than 700 websites. Search for the best hotels, inns, and restaurants. You can also book a ticket for any round-trip flight. It is worth noting that the application contains a convenient calculator and a calendar with the nearest departures. You can set up a filter system to find the nearest flight or hotel.

Simple Interface

The main advantage of this Android application is the ease of use. You need to enter several filters and a variable to find all the necessary results. You can view photos of hotels and hotels. What to choose the best option. Book a hotel for a specific date and book flights. Now you can forget about the difficulties with aviation and the system of payment for accommodation. 

All processes are automated, and you should not worry about the fact that your trip will be unsuccessful. Use all the opportunities to establish a tourist route and feel safe. It is a new level of service that will allow you not to worry about small details.


  • application for booking airline tickets and hotels;
  • free registration and search for the best offers;
  • online calculator and calendar for Android app;
  • pay for trips in one click;
  • more than 700 sites and services for travelers.
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