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Western Union is an Android application with the ability to make financial transactions.

Money transfers

This application is from the same name company, which allows residents of more than 200 countries around the world to make transactions with a minimum commission. The utility helps customers of the system to get rid of the need to visit company branches. The current transaction status is displayed in real-time.

To send money, you need to add a debit or credit card to your account in the application. Verification will require an automatic payment with a minimum amount of money. Then you can start the transaction.

The utility requires you to enter the card number of the recipient and data. You must also provide his or her phone number and email. After entering the desired amount, confirm the transaction. The company will automatically calculate the commission for services and add the transaction to the payment history.

Additional options

The utility allows you to configure automatic payments. It’s a free option. This is convenient for monthly transfers to friends or relatives. Indicate the required amount and create a template with the details. It is worth noting the possibility of replenishing a phone number, paying for Internet providers’ services, and the option of repaying a loan.

Technical support chat works around the clock. Managers respond to customers in different languages. You could clarify the transaction details or get clarification if the addressee did not receive the money.


  • application for sending money transfers;
  • transaction support in 200 countries with a minimum commission;
  • automatic currency conversion;
  • the ability to download and install the application for free;
  • compatibility with relevant versions of Android.
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