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Android 6.0 and above
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Wetherspoon is a proprietary application of the same network of pubs. Now you do not have to wait for the waiter. You can order food and drinks in any quantity and pay for them using your smartphone. Use your PayPal account or Google Pay to pay for french fries, burgers and alcohol. Add all products to the basket with one click and pay for it all with contactless payments. You can also book accommodation in one of the hotels of the company. This allows you to relax and not worry about how to get home. 

Thanks to the geolocation system, you can find the nearest institution and taste excellent beer. Find interesting places on the map and relax in person or with friends. This is your chance to relax and enjoy after a hard day at work. The application is suitable for customers who do not want to wait long and are ready to order food and drinks online. A convenient menu and quick navigation options will help you spend a good time in the pub.

The Best Pub Network

Thanks to this application, you can order food and drinks faster. Choose any dish of change and order alcoholic cocktails. Here you can relax and unwind with friends. Order online and pay with your card. The application is intuitive and easy to learn. Just a few seconds and you can make an order to spend a pleasant evening.

App Features

  • official Wetherspoon to order food & a round of drinks;
  • user-friendly interface on Android;
  • contactless payments & PayPal support;
  • book a room and sleep well after the party;
  • geolocation to find the nearest pub online.
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