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Better Than GPS

What3words is an application that offers users a new way of geolocation. Instead of the standard GPS coordinates, the program uses a three-word system to find one of the cubic and sectors on the map. Service created a new network where each location divided into cubic blocks. Now you can enter three words in a sentence or dictate it on the recorder of your smartphone to find the right place. 
The system determines your location with an accuracy of 3m. Now you don’t have to look long for your area and to get directions to your nearest destination. Use the square system to simplify your search. Save your favorite place on the map to find these locations online in the future. A simple navigation system will help you get directions and find the right place. You will no longer get lost on the map and can find any place in a few clicks. The application menu is intuitive and straightforward.

How It Works

The three-word advantage is that you can quickly and efficiently find the location you need. You can search, add, and inform your friends about new areas. Use your smartphone, SMS messaging system, or social networks to transmit geolocation coordinates. Now you and your friends can always find each other on the map. Just enter the required data, and you can find any place in the world. This haha system of geographical positioning is much easier for tourists and fans to find exciting places. Just activate the application and select the desired location on the map.

App Features

  • find any place on the map on Android;
  • three-word markers for quick geolocation;
  • a quick search of sectors and laying a route;
  • voice search and location analyzing in one click;
  • easy to use app with simple functions.
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