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Whatscan is an application that allows you to use the web version of the WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone or tablet. If you have two portable devices with the Android operating system, then you can access the dialogs and the contact list using the Whatzapp function.

To access your account from two devices, you need to run the Whatscan application on one, and the WhatsApp messenger on the other. After that, in the second you need to open the QR code scanner (Settings – WhatsApp Web) and scan the code from the Whatzapp menu, open in Whatscan.

The program allows you to connect to the web version of the messenger and fully work with it. The only drawback of this method is that on devices with a small screen you will have to constantly scale the window with chat and contacts. This is not very convenient. As for the available functionality, it is also somewhat truncated. You can exchange text messages and emoticons, but the possibility of making voice calls is not provided.

QR Scanner

In addition to expanding the capabilities of the WhatsApp messenger, the application also performs the functions of a standard QR scanner. Whatscan stores a history of recognized QR codes and is very fast. Among the disadvantages of the application, we note the abundance of advertising and the lack of Russian localization. You will certainly enjoy the simplicity and convenience of working with the application every day.

App Features

  • allows you to access a single account on WhatsApp from two devices;
  • provides connection to the web version of the messenger by scanning a QR code;
  • performs the standard functions of a QR scanner;
  • saves a detailed recognition history;
  • has a simple and intuitive interface, which is somewhat spoiled by advertising banners.
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