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Who Lite is an Android app with video chat and dating capabilities.

How does it works?

The application allows you to find interesting people around the world and chat in video chat. After downloading the application, you must enter your name, indicate gender, preferences for communication and select the language of communication. These functions are selected once, therefore it is better to approach this issue responsibly. In extreme cases, you can reinstall the application.

The application randomly searches for an interlocutor for you. Once the connection is connected you can answer the call. The first 30 seconds of communication occur in audio format. During this time, you can learn a little about a person and his hobby. Then you can communicate using video calling.

Each person can write a little about themselves. There is an option to make a fun commentary to attract more likes. You can specify the place of residence, work or study. This information can come in handy for starting a dialogue when many people feel insecure.

Rules & Interface

Immediately before the first call, the application reminds users of the rules of conduct during video communication. You cannot show obscene gestures, expose parts of your body, or insult users. Any manifestation of racial or national intolerance will result in IP blocking.

The application has a call history. You can call back a person who is interesting to you again. First calls are available for free. Next you will need to get more coins. This is the local currency. To replenish your account, you can watch ad units or spend real money. Other users may leave messages if you do not call back.


  • application for video chatting with people;
  • the ability to call strangers and leave messages;
  • you can call for free if you watch ads;
  • call and text message history;
  • the app is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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