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WiFi Hacker is a mobile application for smartphones with the Android operating system that simulates hacking Wi-Fi. This application is just a joke. With it, you will not be able to crack a single hotspot, since the program does not have the necessary tools with which you can try to find the right key to a foreign point of a wireless connection with closed access or test your security.

“Why then do you need this application if it is not able to help either verify the password strength for the home Wi-Fi network, or hack the Wi-Fi neighbors?” – you ask? For example, in order to play especially gullible and impressionable friends. We can also advise you another application for the draw – WiFiKill, with which you disconnect a friend from Wi-Fi, to which his device is connected, in a couple of seconds. Using WiFi Hacker Prank and WiFi Kill you can really pass yourself off as a hacker, well, or as a magician who, by the power of thought, can turn off other Wi-Fi.

Using Tips

To simulate hacking a closed hotspot, launch WiFi Hacker. The application will scan all access points in the range of the built-in adapter and display a list of them. Next, connect to one of them. Of course, this is impossible to do, however, the Hacker will pretend that it is still real and will show the corresponding notifications – as if he is hacking Wi-Fi.

Within a few seconds, the program will demonstrate a random set of numbers, which is supposedly a password, and will show that you are connected to Wi-Fi. Due to the fact that the alleged cracker generates a random password, your friend can guess that in fact there is no hacking, because he clearly knows the password. Therefore, it is rational to use WiFi Hacker not at home with a friend, but in public places.

App Features

  • allows you to qualitatively simulate hacking a closed Wi-Fi point;
  • works on earlier versions of Android (2.3 and higher);
  • displays a random set of letters and numbers;
  • displays a complete list of real access points nearby;
  • created exclusively for practical jokes.
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